“Who Else Wants To Learn The Fastest, Easiest,
& Most Effective Way To Pick Up Girls
In 2 Minutes Or Less WITHOUT
Spending A Lot Of Time, Money Or Effort?”

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If You Can Say "Hello" To A Supermarket Cashier...
You Could Be Having Sex With 3 to 5 GIRLS A MONTH!

From: Paul Janka

I've had sex with 200+ girls and I SWEAR—UNDER OATH—that I can show YOU how to DUPLICATE my success...

I know that might be a little hard to believe.

But you can be dating SEVERAL women every month too.

...and if you really want—a few girls per WEEK!

How can I make such a promise?

...because I've taught over 250,000 men how to approach a woman, get her number, and get her in bed QUICKLY—without spending a lot of time, money or effort.

And now I'm going to show YOU.

If you want to have the power to quickly and EASILY sleep with almost any woman you want...and the confidence that comes with it....then you want to keep reading..

The most important thing for you to know is...

I Used To Be TERRIBLE With Women

A few years ago, I had NO idea how to pick up women. When I spotted a cute girl on the street, I had no idea how to talk to her, much less get her NAKED.

And when I did try to pick up a woman, it was AWKWARD. Within seconds I could tell if she was giving me her number just because she felt BAD for me.

Although it wasn't like I was a complete loser. I had a few relationships over the years, which were great—but I really had NO idea what I was capable of.

So I spent many nights going to bed ALONE and waking up in an EMPTY bed. I felt DISCONNECTED from women and I didn't know what to do about it...

Then A Player Friend Took MeUnder His Wing”

So one day, a friend of mine from work started giving me a few tips. He was a true "player" and has slept with HUNDREDS of women.

And with the guidance of my "player" friend, I approached a LOT of women. And after THOUSANDS approaches, and failed pick ups, I started to "get it."

I learned things like how long to talk to a woman you just met, when to call her, what to say to get a date, how to get her back to my place, etc.

The funny thing is... a lot of "getting laid" is about avoiding MISTAKES.

And after several YEARS of trial-and-error....

I Discovered That Meeting Girls QUICKLY Was
The Secret” To Dating A LOT More Women!

This was a HUGE epiphany for me.

After I started hitting on a lot of girls, I noticed that my most successful interactions (where the girl was really charmed) were the ones that happend QUICKLY.

If you hang around for too long and try to convince her that you're a cool guy and that she should go out with you, you're going to come off as needy and unattractive.

Once I realized this—my game EXPLODED!

I started having sex on a regular basis with extremely attractive women, models, actresses, you name it. And I wasn't making a huge effort to meet these girls.

My technique became so efficient that I could pick up 20 girls in ONE AFTERNOON!

And after I perfected my system...

I Became A Legendary New York
Pick-Up Artist Completely By Accident

When you start sleeping with a LOT of girls, people take notice.

I started getting a lot of phone calls from television producers and journalists, eager to run a sensational story. I was on Dr. Phil, the Today Show, and Fox News.

Here I am on Dr. Phil sharing a few "pick-up" tips...

In addition to the New York Post article, I was featured in Psychology Today and my advice has been syndicated across the Internet and featured in several magazines.


Guys Across The Country Started Emailing Me

After my appearance on Dr. Phil, I started to get HUNDREDS of emails and phone calls from guys around the country who wanted to learn MY secrets.

I started to realize that I wasn't the only guy in the world who wanted to learn how to pick up women. I realized that almost EVERY guy wants to learn more.

So if you're not already VERY successful with women, it's NOT YOUR FAULT...

Why? Because guys are simply NEVER taught this kind of stuff, while women have MOUNTAINS of magazines, books, television shows and gossipy friends.

Plus, 99.999% of all men's dating advice is DEAD WRONG.

In fact, many of the "tips" you've gotten about dating can actually make girls run the OTHER way. But many guys do NOTHING to improve their game. They think they should just "be natural" or whatever. Well, I don't like to leave things to CHANCE.

Learning how to pick up women is a skill. A skill that can be learned. And if you have the courage to work on your skills, the rewards can be ENORMOUS!

Into A Virtual Bootcamp” To Show Any Guy
How To Quickly & Easily Meet Women

Like I said, becoming good with women is a SKILL. And with any skill, there are VERY SPECIFIC techniques that can help you get to where you want to be. 

Not only is my system the FASTEST way to meet girls, it's also the most EFFECTIVE because it's been perfected over the course of THOUSANDS of interactions.

How can it be so effective?

Because I've thrown out absolutely EVERYTHING that doesn't work—and I've narrowed my approach down to a few critical things you MUST do in order to get the girl.

It's ABSOLUTELY step-by-step and NONE of it is theoretical.

So after being emailed by hundreds of guys, I decided to put together a comprehensive program to teach EVERYTHING I know. It's called, "Secrets To Meeting Women."

And this brand new online training will show you exactly how EASY it is to meet women on a consistent basis—WITHOUT spending a lot of time, money or effort.

This Virtual Bootcamp Contains “Field-Tested”
Secrets That You Won't Learn Anywhere Else

I believe this program is the most effective, practical, useful dating advice that a guy can get his hands on. If you want to see real, tangible results with women, this is how to get it.

This program is a complete A-to-Z pick-up education.

It's all delivered through my exclusive streaming video membership site and it contains all of my popular guides, audio lessons, in-field footage, and seminar videos.

You'll get CONSISTENT "panty-dropping" results because it's virtually FOOL-PROOF.

LISTEN: I GUARANTEE these techniques will work for you because they've worked for thousands of guys all around the world—of all ages, races, and personalities.

So if you're not good with women, this program will make you better. And if you're already decent, these secrets will break your bed in HALF.

You'll be getting SO much action, your buddies will start begging YOU for tips...

“Your Program Is Amazing”

Your program is amazing. You really know how to explain the mindset of a guy who is very successful with women, and I think that is how your book really stands out from the other treatises on the subject. Reading it I can see exactly the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. I also see how the market is rigged against men being successful with women and it is also clear to me why your contrarian approach is so successful. From now on I am playing by your rules, not society's and I immediately feel liberated!”

Matt R.

“One Of The Best Things I've Ever Done”

“First, I just wanted to say that reading your book has been one of the best things I've ever done. I'm 19 from Australia, and while I'd get my fair share of hookups from going out to bars with mates, I also experienced alot of frustration and never had the confidence to approach girls on the street during the day and hit them up for their number. Since reading your book 2 weeks ago, my whole mindset has changed about where to meet girls, how to properly deal with them, and also love the idea about not spending money on them until they show their "worth". I'm not trying to blow smoke up your ass mate haha but just saying thank you.”

Josh S.

“The Hottest Girl I Have Ever Talked To”

“I used your guide last night and I got some digits from the hottest girl I have EVER talked to. I just didn't try to have sex with her, which I might have been able to pull off. She was bored outside of the club and I thought, 'Oh! Look, she's out of her element,' and went in. I was right. :-) I think I'm going to call her up either tonight, if I can't hold off, or tomorrow night for some drinks that night. Thanks!”

— Roland G.

“Surpasses Everything I've Ever Seen”

I've been waiting for something like this forever, and after having already read a million other ebooks, I want to say that yours surpasses every other ebook I've read. Mostly I love how it's written, it's not thrown together all half-assed. It's clear that you're not doing it for the purpose of making money. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for that, I will be absorbing all your stuff when it hits my inbox. I also look forward to putting this into practice.”

— Don H


“Paul, I live in the suburbs and have been using online dating. Track record with the "exchange emails back/forth for 2 weeks and then meet for dinner" strategy: 0-5. Saw you on the Today Show, downloaded your book, and immediately tried it. Instead of incessant emails, just said, "let's meet for a drink", "has to be tonight", "I'm busy all weekend". Picked a spot where we could sit side-by-side. Said virtually nothing about myself; let her do all the talking (which she gladly did). Two drinks later we were in the car headed back to my place...Genius!

— Tim D.

“Already More Confident With Women”

“I was very pleased with the content in the program. What I really like is how straight forward and no BS you are. There is no theory, the focus is on what has worked for you in direct experience. You clearly are somewhat who walks the talk and can teach others to do the same. You have really motivated me to get off my ass more and make it happen. I have been approaching much more. Your nonchalanceness is contagious and has really rubbed off on me. Already I am more confident and direct with women. And its great that I don't need to memorize any lines or routines. Thank you very much for sharing your experience-gained wisdom. I look forward to a lot more fun with girls in the coming months and a personal transformation.You are the man!”

Steven F.

“Ignore This Advice At Your Own Peril”

“Takes you from square one to the end game. If you are sick of being bombarded with the BS that is out in the seduction community these days, this material is for you. Follow the system that has been brilliantly articulated here and you will see your success skyrocket. Just internalizing the Mindset has been a major addition to my game. Ignore this advice at your peril.”

— Joe N.

“My Game Has Definitely Improved”

“Paul, just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the program.  The immigration analogy is so true, it's like night and day.  I think the book is so good because it isn't filled with bullshit theories and crazy "energy" talk.  I think the readers really respect and enjoy the straight forward, practical, and easy to implement advice.  I guess the ultimate compliment though is that my game has definitely improved.”

— Andy F.

“Absolutely Amazed At The Results”

I couldn't believe that there was a guy out there who was actually doing the techniques you described. It was so different than anything I had read, yet it made sense, and was much more compatible with my style and personality than going into a club and reading palms, doing magic tricks or dressing like a clown. More important, I have begun putting this stuff into practice. I am absolutely amazed at the results. Let's just say they have been EXTREMELY GRATIFYING! I've had success in the subway, at Barnes & Noble, on the street. From the moment I leave the house, I am on the lookout for prospects, and I am not at all concerned with who observes my pickup. What I especially appreciate is that, through practice and observation, not to mention finely-honed analysis, you have developed a SYSTEM that works, as long as one makes the effort. I truly believe that it could work for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort. (But of course most guys would rather believe that they will enjoy more favorable odds in a bar or club). Best wishes and continued success.

Danny H.

“Your Program Is Going To Change My Life”

“Hi Paul, My name is John, I am a single forty year old from New Orleans. I always watched friends of mine with the unflappable confidence you mention in your book and I truly thought it was there looks which allowed them to have this benefit. I have only begun to read your book (page 20) but I can already see the err of my ways and know your program is going to change my life. I'm sure you are very busy, if nothing more I wanted to thank you for writing this book and the good it should bring for all men willing.”

John G.

“A Phenomenal Product

Paul, I just got done reviewing your program for the second time and it is absolutely a phenomenal product that anyone can supplement and apply towards their game regardless of their level.  No one breaks down how to approach and funnel an abundance of women at one time in the pick-up community like you do. I like the direct approach style you come with. I love your concise concept of pulling the sex forward, alleviating all other nonsense such as wasting of money, time etc. Mojo is a concept that all men need to understand and harness. Your concept of defining the relationship from the jumpstart is key, way too many players in the game waste time and effort dancing around the sexual subject with women initially - only to find themselves in the daunting "friend zone." Your program has something for everyone and I haven't seen a better product in some time - thank you from your student!

Ryan S

Take A Look At What's Inside

#1: My “Foundations” Manual - Attraction Formula (88 Pages)

Is extremely powerful reading, not just because of the techniques revealed, but because of the perspective you'll gain. After you've gone through the book just once, you'll be well on your way to becoming the kind of man who has outrageous success with women...

#2: Secrets To Successful Approaching (28 Audio Classes)

After you read the book, I recommend you dive into this audio program. It's all about developing the skills necessary to meet women in a variety of day to day situations. You'll learn EXACTLY what to say to make a strong impression and get her number.

 #3: Videos Of Actual Street Pick-Ups (24 HD In-Field Videos)

Then you're going to get actual footage of me picking up women on the street! And when you watch these videos, my confidence will literally be passed on to you. You'll see exactly how I approach, get her attention, make small talk, and secure the digits.

#4: “Beyond The Digits” Advanced Workshop (39 HD Seminar Videos)

This workshop contains the nitty-gritty little secrets that will allow you to get better, even faster. Everything will become clearer; you'll understand why and how to use my system so that you can acheive what I did, probably even faster... leading you to mastery.

5 Reasons This Is The Most Powerful
Dating Program You Will EVER Come Across

1. Because I meet over 30 women a WEEK (on average) using this method, and my typical student will meet 7 or 8 women a month. Not bad when you consider most guys won't even meet 30 girls in their lifetime.

2. Because my approach allows you to meet women in UNDER 2 minutes, so you can meet girls during your normal daily routine. When you're walking down the street, on your coffee break, or at lunch.

3. Because I've received HUNDREDS of testimonials from guys who swear that my techniques are the best. (I've posted several of them below).

4. Because I've approached over 10,000 women, and I know what works. I've collected 3,000+ numbers and can show you EXACTLY how it's done.

5. And because these secrets have worked for THOUSANDS of guys all over the world, and they can work for YOU too, guaranteed..

Here's A Small Taste Of What You'll Learn

10x Your Game OVERNIGHT By
Watching HIDDEN-CAMERA Footage Of Me
Picking Up Hot Girls On The Street!

To prove to you how EFFECTIVE my methods are, and to complete your education, I've gone out and taped actual pick-ups for you, so you can see every secret in ACTION.

As you watch these videos, my confidence will literally be passed on to you. You'll see exactly how I approach, get her attention, make small talk, and secure the digits.

Every one of these interactions is real. Nothing is staged, not even one.

You'll even see me drop the ball a few times. Some girls have boyfriends, some are married, and some are simply not interested. You'll see how I deal with all of it.

After you watch these videos, you'll realize that it's all very EASY.

This module will show you EXACTLY how you can go from wherever you are right now to being able to pick up a woman anytime, anywhere, practically overnight.

Take a look...

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In this pick-up, I emphasize TECHNIQUE #26. After you order, you'll get access to over 40 TECHNIQUES that you can use to reel women into your life with ease.

And once you perfect this stuff, your buddies will be completely BLOWN-AWAY at the BEAUTIFUL girls that you will be able to pull into your life in just minutes...

And if that wasn't enough to move you towards mastery with women, you'll also get my high-end, once in a lifetime seminar, where I connect ALL the dots for you...

Plus You Get My $997 New York Workshop Where
I Reveal EVERY Single, Dirty-Little-Trick In The Book!

After you've been through the book, the audios, and the videos, you'll have everything you need to go out and hit the streets and be VERY successful with women.

But some guys aren't ok with just GOOD game. They want GREAT game.

And that's exactly why I've included my best-selling $997 advanced workshop. This takes everything that you've learned up to this point to the next level and beyond.

This advanced workshop contains all my best secrets. You'll have an unfair advantage. It won't be fair for your buddies, or for the girls you're meeting for that matter.

These are the nitty gritty little secrets that will allow you to get better, even faster.

Everything will become clearer; you'll understand why and how to use my system so that you can acheive what I did, probably even faster. I didn't hold anything back.

Here's a sample clip...

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As you can see from this video, I dive into great detail about my system, and how to execute it, down to the finest detail—so you'll be able to quickly duplicate my success.

This part of the program—alone—contains 9 HOURS+ of devastatingly effective secrets about meeting women that you just can't learn anywhere else.


If That Isn't Enough To Supercharge Your Game...
You Also Get Access To My Exclusive Player's Club”

Now, just like any other training program, you have peers.

In this case, other guys who are looking to SERIOUSLY up their game. So as an added bonus, you're going to get access to my private VIP "Player's Club" message board.

This is a PRIVATE FORUM for members of this program ONLY.

You will be able to network with guys of all different skill levels to discuss challenges, successes and failures. Ask questions and share your experiences good and bad.

From time to time I'll stop by and answer your questions PERSONALLY. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to answer every single question, but I'll be around.

The ability to interact with other guys studying this program is invaluable.

Having access to this community will allow you to learn quicker, pick up more tips, and put these techniques into overdrive, so you can become better, faster.

Here's A Review Of Everything You're Getting

Look, this isn't just a silly little ebook.This is an entire multi-format "graduate level training program." Here's a summary of what you're going to get when you order...

#1: The Attraction Formula Manual (88 Pages)

#2: Secrets To Successful Approaching (28 Audio Classes)

#3: Videos Of Actual Street Pick-Ups (24 HD In-Field Videos)

#4: “Beyond The Digits” Advanced Seminar (39 HD Videos)

#5: Access To The "Player's Club" (Private Forum)

The total value of this program is over $1527.

But before I tell you the actual price—I'm going to remove ALL the risk, and make it an absolute NO BRAINER for you. You'd have to be crazy to pass up this offer because...

You Can Feel Confident Ordering Right Now
Because This Entire Program Is Backed By My
“365-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”

Here's my simple 100% money back guarantee.

Order the program RIGHT NOW and put these strategies to work in your life for a full 12 months.

You be the judge. If this stuff doesn't absolutely increase your success with women, or if you're unhappy for any reason, you can email me for a complete refund with no questions asked.

I have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because I know that this stuff not only works for me, but it also works for the thousands of other guys, and it will work for YOU too.

Now you have the confidence to order right now, without hesitation, and get access to the most powerful men's program available today. So...

WIth this guarantee, you can order the program right now so you can see just how powerful it really is, and so you can start seeing DRAMATIC results in your own life.

But you're not going to need to ask for a refund, because I've made this program EXTREMELY affordable. It's not $997, it's not $497, it's not even $297...

If you order right now, you can get instant digital access to the entire program for the incredible price of just $97. This is an unbelievable deal!

Even If You Only Apply 1/10th Of This Stuff
You’ll Still See AMAZING Results With Women

As you can see, this is STREET-WORTHY dating advice. Everything you’ll learn has been PROVEN in the field and works like a charm.

But consider this... even if you have no desire to pick up HUNDREDS of women, what if you could achieve just 10% of my success?

Use just a FEW of these techniques... and you WILL get results.

And if you apply ALL of what I teach in the program, you'll be completely overwhelmed with women. And before you know it, your buddies will be begging YOU for advice.

You might want to get a girlfriend, you might want to find "the one," or you might want to sleep with multiple girls, it DOESN'T MATTER what your goal is.

By applying just a FRACTION of the stuff you'll learn in this program, I guarantee you'll IMMEDIATELY be blown away by your new found success with women...

“Order Now And Get Instant Access”

When you click the link below, you'll be taken to a secure check out page, where you'll be asked to enter your name and credit card details.

And after you complete the checkout process, you'll be granted INSTANT ACCESS to the entire program through my private membership website.

You'll get a username and password to access the course materials, audios, HD streaming videos, all with accompanying notes and transcriptions.

I'm not sure I can make it any sweeter than that.

I want you to experience a new level of success with women. It's changed my life and it can change yours too. Click the button below to order now...

Regular $297 Today $97

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Let’s Face It, Women Have An UNFAIR Advantage

Look, I don't mince words. What you'll learn in this program is NOT "nice-guy" material. And it's NOT for guys who are too TIMID or SCARED to take action.

The thing is, the formula I've put together WORKS. And it works like magic. It's powerful, and you must use it ETHICALLY. And if you do, you'll see results.

If you're on the fence, consider this. Women are waaaay ahead of the curve. They've been studying the art of snagging the man they want for YEARS.

Millions of dollars are spent EVERYDAY by women on beauty products, magazines, and books that are all dedicated to getting the guy THEY want.

Plus, women have been refining their game from a VERY young age.

They're at the COLLEGE level when it comes to getting what they want from the dating scene, while we're stuck in second grade, playing with our trucks in the sandbox.

Isn't it time you stopped letting women always have the UPPER HAND?

How Good Do You Want To Become?

What you'll learn in this program is way BEYOND what you can learn elsewhere. And the reason is that I have the EXPERIENCE to back up my claims.

A lot of dating advice out there is garbage. It's written by guys who've only slept with a small number of women. What you'll learn from me will get you RESULTS.

If you want some cheesy "pick up lines" then I suggest you go elsewhere. If you want some "feel-good" psycho-babble, then I'm sorry, you won't find it here.

But if you want a PROVEN formula that will get your numbers, dates, and sex, from lots of attractive women, then this is the program that WILL deliver the goods.

WARNING: Becoming good with women can actually have some unexpected downsides. When it becomes second-nature to you to get a woman naked on the FIRST date, you may start to feel a little guilty.

In the program, I talk about this, and how to find a path that is FULFILLING for both you and the women in your life. These are "luxury problems," but important none-the-less...

Imagine Your Life FILLED With Beautiful Women

Now ask yourself this...

How much is it worth to you to even have the CHANCE to become this successful with women? How much would it be worth to you to be able to have an ABUNDANCE of women in your life? $5,000? $10,000?

For most guys, this level of success with women is INVALUABLE.

Imagine the feeling of PRIDE—and satisfaction—you'll have when you can approach a woman anywhere, get her number, and quickly create SEXUAL chemistry.

I only WISH I had this kind of specialized knowledge years ago, when I was still a virgin and couldn't talk to a woman to SAVE MY LIFE, much less ask her on a date.

Well you can have it RIGHT NOW, and it can help you meet the beautiful woman that will almost CERTAINLY be walking through your life as soon as TOMORROW.

...So the big question is—are you going to be able to meet her?

Are you going to know EXACTLY what to do to bring that woman into your reality and into your bedroom? Or are you going to let her VANISH on the horizon?

And since I want you to become successful with women, I'm going to make it EASY for you to get started. In fact, you're not going to believe how afforable this program is...

“Order Now And Get Instant Access”

When you click the link below, you'll be taken to a secure check out page, where you'll be asked to enter your name and credit card details.

And after you complete the checkout process, you'll be granted INSTANT ACCESS to the entire program through my private membership website.

You'll get a username and password to access the course materials, audios, HD streaming videos, all with accompanying notes and transcriptions.

I'm not sure I can make it any sweeter than that.

I want you to experience a new level of success with women. It's changed my life and it can change yours too. Click the button below to order now...

Regular $297 Today $97

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And if you have ANY questions, simply email: and someone on my team will get right back to you. I wish you all the best.

To The Good Life,

P.S. Are you the type of guy who sits on the sidelines, watching life go by? If so, then this probably isn't for you. But if you're a proactive man who takes life head on, then you'll order the program, take action, and reap the rewards. I hope that's you.

P.P.S. Do yourself a favor, order Secrets To Meeting Women right now, learn it, and get out there so you can meet, date, and sleep with the kind of women most guy's dream about. You know, the perfect 10's that intimidate most guys? She can be yours!

P.P.P.S. This is the life that I personally live and the guys who have decided to try this program have been living it too. Here are actual testimonials...

“Got Her Number In Less Than 2 Minutes”

“I really like your material. Yesterday, I was really busy during the day, but I applied your techniques at Mama Juanas club. I met a cutie from Bulgary. I told her briefly about my food business and I asked for her number while pulling out my cell. The pointer was the salsa band. Then I asked her name, nationality, etc… I got her number in less than 2 minutes. I kissed her while dancing leaving her with a high impression.”

— Augusto A.

“Excellent, Well Organized, Great Material!”

Hi, Paul, I ordered your program and I want to comment that so far, it is excellent and in my opinion worth more than $100. It's really well organized and explains your concepts in a left-brained manner. I have read the works of Mystery (How to Pickup Women) and Style (The Game) and while they are enjoyable reads, I didn't find any of their knowledge useful since I don't frequent bars and truly do not want to engage groups of women (especially in noisy environments). Plus, in order to be interesting with them, you have to "peacock" (i.e. wear yellow glasses) and you have to learn things that you could care less about (rune reading for example). So far, your course gives your average Joe a good method to follow to approach a single woman (which I prefer) during the day (which I prefer) and not have to engage her for an extended period of time... So thank you for coming out with this great material!

— Mike G.

“Awesome Pick-Up Technology

“The program triggered some sort of dormant archetype that was inside of me, that I believe is inside of all males. The best name for it would probably be the "Hunter." Although, I have known some guys who are good with girls, I have never known anyone who has the ability, with consistency, to meet attractive girls "cold" and bed them quickly. You clearly have that ability, and the program served as a catalyst for the initiation or activation of that ability within me. Personally, I am not looking to sleep with nearly as many women as you have, but it is the ability to get many that affords power and choice, which are essentially synonymous. The program really allowed me to see the world through your eyes, and to download your powerful mindset towards women into my brain. That fearless mindset plus the awesome pick-up "technology" that you taught is an unstoppable combination. With every approach I make, and I've been approaching MUCH more since the seminar, I can feel myself becoming increasingly powerful, and increasingly confident to be direct and unapologetic without being crude. A big part of it is that I am stepping into more of the "masculine energy" that our politically correct society suppresses. It is the energetic polarity between the sexes that causes the almost gravitational pull of attraction. Like many guys, I've looked into the other popular stuff out there in the "community," and there is a huge difference. Some of the other guys talk about having the unapologetic attitude toward women (the only attitude that is authentic), but then they advise on using an indirect approach and techniques to "Demonstrate Higher Value," or DHV as it is commonly abbreviated. Their method is completely misaligned with the mindset they proclaim. The mindset/approach/techniques that you advocate and teach are completely congruent. There is nothing more attractive to a girl than a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. Your material makes it possible for any guy to become such a man. Thanks a billion! Much Gratitude,

Steve N.

“The Brutal Truth Is Much Appreciated”

Ordered the program and so far I'm loving it, lol. The brutal truth is much appreciated as there's a lot of fantasy talk in the community that's not giving guys an accurate representation of what's out there. But some of us are man enough to handle the truth. So I feel better about things as I go through your stuff and can relate to certain things I thought were true (and are). The one big thing I've been wanting to do for awhile now is to get into day game and away from bar/club game, and you've motivated me enough to really want to do that.”

— Fellippe G.

“It Works

"If you ever come to Orlando I want to buy you a drink with the money I saved by not going on worthless dates and from not getting used for money by girls in places like bars and clubs. I’m so glad that I read your material and I would and do recommend it to everybody because it works."

- Jonathan P.

“Highly Recommended”

I had a chance to hang out with Paul and he's the real deal. He has no fear. I saw him get 8 numbers in less than 2 hours at the bookstore, on the street (in the rain) at the grocery store and on the subway while watching me approach and giving me pointers. I figured out just what was missing in my game just by watching him. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their game...”

— Andrew M.

“Fantastic Results”

“I believe Paul. I believe his experience. I appreciate his scientific methods regarding numbers and statistics. During lunch I approached three very attractive women on the streets of the meatpacking district [Manhattan, NYC] in broad daylight. All three lit up. The goal was to present an air of looseness, familiarity, direct, in a hurry; getting the digits, leaving on a high note, with a left behind sense of credibility and intrigue within 60 to 90 seconds. One I got the number. Two were married. All girls were left happy, smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves. I think that’s a great result. Way beyond my norm. I attribute those fantastic aberrant results to attending this program. Highly Recommended!

Max B.

“Met A Girl From America's Next Top Model”

In the course of a few hours, in a town where I knew nobody, I walked out with four numbers. I even met a girl from America's Next Top Model! Paul has the real deal going on. Unlike the community, he does not deal in theories. He approaches women head on and they love it! He gets results, and it's fast! In a short period of time, I expect to have a social network larger than anything I have ever experienced before. And the kicker was his amazing "raising the dead" technique. A girl who had never responded to any of my texts was on her phone texting me within minutes of employing this brilliant but devious strategy. Thanks Paul!”

— Danny T.

“Well Worth It”

I have to admit, initially I had my doubts. I walked around NYC with Paul for the day and watched him in action as he was able to effortlessly walk away with a phone number almost every time. I was able to see his and her body language, how he handled resistance, and how he adjusted to every situation. After every approach, he broke it down for me and let me know the major and subtle things to look for. Seeing was definitely believing for me. Well worth it.”

— Carl D.

“I Learned What Is Possible”

“The personal session I had with Paul was excellent. He has mastered the art of the street pick up and I can say from watching him in action that the fruit is there, you just have to go pick it. I learned what is possible and just how many women are indeed very interested in being picked up. A real eye opener and highly recommended to anyone looking to improve their game.”

— Don D.

“Thank You So Much For Your Insight”

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for your insight.  I recently ordered and I can tell you that you are absolutely correct in that there has been an emasculation of the male over the years. I prefer your day game approach [to other methods] which involves confidence and getting back to the roots of the previous male generation where the male held a cigar in his right hand and a glass of whiskey in the other. Also, your numbers game approach to approaching women is much more effective because it makes rejection meaningless.  Plus, I prefer your style because I think that while the other "PUA's" who use outrageous costumes and hats (Mystery, etc.) are doing what works for them, their style can make meeting women for most men more a parody and NOT work for most men because it can actually make them look rediculous. I hope to employ your methods and learn much more from approaching women daily. Not only am I learning a lot but learning a lot about myself too. Thanks so much.”

Charles M.

“Destined To Become The Gold Standard”

“I just went over Paul's video and audio program and I am extremely impressed. His approach to seduction is innovative, cutting edge, and very different from the other systems taught in the seduction community. His system is direct and straightforward. There are no impractical theories here. No Fluff. No Peacocking. No NLP. No Negging. On the contrary; his system is extremely practical and designed to help you master day game in the shortest time possible.  The directness and creative approach of his system made me realize the extent to which groupthink has taken hold of the seduction community; there is a set of standard strategies and ideologies which have become gospel, and thus are never questioned. For example: you need 7 to 10 hours of comfort building with a woman before moving into seduction. These rigid rules have become dogma. But Paul is not part of the seduction community so he is not a victim of this pervasive groupthink; he has found a better way to play the game and it WORKS. It works so well and it's so streamlined that I believe his system is destined to become the gold standard. Bottom line: If you want to master your interactions with women, I HIGHLY recommend that you get all of Paul's material. His step by step system actually works!”

Anthony L.

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